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Leonardo’s Vineyard tickets let you witness the exceptional life of the honored artist and philosopher. Located in the Atellani Villa, you can get access to the villa and the vineyard to experience the only surviving Italian Renaissance of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. You can take this guided tour with a fully affluent English and Italian guide. The audio tour for you can take place in various languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. The guided tour takes you into the grand rooms and gardens of the Atellani Villa and Leonardo’s museum. The friendly guide takes you to the historical villa’s grand staircase hall, inner courtyards, the secret garden of Matteo Bandello, and the vineyard. The portrait room gives you a clear picture of the life of an artist in the vineyard. All these can be explored by the tickets to Leonardo’s Vineyard, which can be easily booked online.

History of Leonardo Vineyard

History of Leonardo Vineyard

The Duke of Milan Ludovico il Moro gifted a vineyard to Leonardo da Vinci, who was one of the critically acclaimed artists and engineers of the 15th century. The history of Leonardo da Vinci Vineyard Milan dates back to 1495 when the Duke wanted his loyal men to stay by his side to transform Basilica Santa Maria Delle Grazie into a family church. The Duke ordered Leonardo to paint the last supper of Basilica Santa Maria Delle Grazie. After 3 years, the Duke transferred the ownership of the Vineyard encompassing 16 rows in the garden of Atellani House. The Duke took this decision to please Leonardo as he would not miss his home during his stay in Milan. In 1500, the Duke was imprisoned by the French which made Leonardo leave Milan. Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyard was seized by the French but he never forgot about this enchanting place. Upon the time of his death in 1519, Leonardo ascertained through his will for Vineyard to be divided equally into two parts and granted to his faithful servant Giovanbattista Villani and his favorite student Gian Giacomo Salai Caprotti.

Museum of Leonardo Vineyard

Museum of Leonardo Vineyard

Leonardo’s vineyard tickets lets you witness the vineyard turned into a museum for depicting the moments of Leonardo da Vinci’s stay in Milan. The researchers set up the vineyard in a manner of a time capsule that mimics the exact same Italian style of the 15th century. Apart from the lush garden, and grapes, you can witness the artist’s replanted iconic wine Malvasia di Candia Aromatica’s beard. You can have a look at 330 Decanters that rest beneath the ceiling to showcase the union of Leonardo and Milan by the Duke.As the Vineyard Museum is situated inside the Atellani Villa, you can enjoy navigating through the villa's hall, interior courtyards, grand staircase, and portrait room. Through beautifully adorned interiors with the remarkable works of art and sculptures of the artists on the walls, you can experience the Italian Renaissance. Besides the museum, you can check out the last supper by Leonardo in Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

Why to visit Leonardo's Vineyard?

  • Visit Leonardo da Vinci Vineyard, Milan to discover the garden inside the only Renaissance surviving structure of Atellani House in Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

  • You can witness the Italian Renaissance through decorated interiors with the artist’s exceptional works of art and sculptures on the wall.

  • With Leonardo's Vineyard tickets, you get to know the artist better through his artworks that depict his intelligence, curiosity, philosophy, and humanity.

  • The ripe grapes and the fresh atmosphere of the garden makes up your day in Milan.

  • During your visit to the vineyard and the villa, you can enjoy breakfast or lunch in a small place inside the villa.

  • You can visit the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie near the vineyard, to witness the last supper made by Leonardo along with the mesmerizing light-shadow effect.

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Opening Timings: Leonardo da Vinci Vineyard Milan is open from Tuesdays to Sundays 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM.

Location: Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyard is located near Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Corso Magenta, 65, 20123 Milano MI, Italy.


What is Leonardo's Vineyard?

    Leonardo da Vinci’s Vineyard is currently a popular attraction in Milan, Italy. This vineyard was gifted to popular artist Leonardo da Vinci by the Duke of Milan in 1498. This vineyard is located in the Atellani Villa- the only surviving Renaissance structure of Santa Maria Delle Grazie. Today, this vineyard has turned into a museum showcasing some of the best works of the artist and lets you witness the beautiful architecture of Italy.

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