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Duomo Milan Ticket Overview

With your Duomo Milan ticket you can visit one of the most extraordinary attractions during your Italy tour. This famous cathedral is the second largest cathedral in the world, and is best known for its immensely beautiful gothic and renaissance architecture. With 3400 statues, 135 gargoyles and underground crypts and treasure, you cannot get over the intricate details of this vivid cathedral.

With your Duomo Milan tickets explore the various museums, rooftop terrace, Crypt and Treasure, and also the Baptistery. The Cathedral is certainly one of the most beautiful churches that you will witness. During the 17th century, there was an astonishing revolution in the architecture of the cathedral that gave rise to construction of five portals and two middle windows. The cathedral took up the gothic style including the already finished details with humongous Gothic pilasters and two giant belfries. Later in the year 1762, the Madonnina's spire was erected at the dizzying height of 108.5 m.

Why visit the Duomo Milan?

By booking your Duomo milan ticket, you will get a chance to discover the fascinating history of the architecture of the catedral, which was where Napoleon was crowned as the king of Italy. The cathedral Duomo Milan was constructed over the period of 5 centuries, wherein a humongous number of architecture and changes were made. In the year 1396, the cathedral underwent a wide range of changes, under the impression of the chief architect Frenchman Nicolas de Bonaventure. The cathedral took up a variety of gothic and renaissance architectures as well. Under Giuseppe Perego, Duomo Milan sculpted a golden copper statue in 1774 that was located at the highest point of the temple and is known as the Madonnina which became the symbol of Milan.Duomo Milan stands today as one of the most exemplary architectures highlighting the best of gothic and renaissance architecture. Discover the beautiful stained glasses reflecting an ethereal light on the floor of the church.

Explore Duomo Milan


The Duomo museum is one of the major highlights of the tour, here you will come across the museum's story of 6000 years of history through its various exhibits on display. In here you will find, contribution of renowned artists and the innovative ideas of architectects, who built the fascinating cathedral in their time.

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace of the cathedral is one of most awe-spring locations to get a view of the entire Milan city. Head on over to the rooftop at evening hours, and admire the orangish hue of the sky, with the immensely beautiful cathedral under your feet.

Crypt and Treasure

The crypt is located in the Chapel of Saint Charles Borromeo, where Napoleon's remains are buried. Ask your tour guide to give you various intriguing insights into the famous characters buried here. Also don't forget to explore the treasure at this location.

The Baptistery

In your fascinating tour, discover the amusing history of Basilica di Santa Tecla and the ruins of a Christian baptistery from the fourth century.

History Of Duomo Milan

  • Construction begins - The cathedral was constructed by Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo in 1396. The construction of the cathedral was dedicated to the noble working classes, and political choices as well. Three intricate buildings were demolished before the main building we see today.

  • Borromeo - After the accession of the Carlo Borromeo, the tombs of Filippo Maria Visconti and Giovanni, Francesco I with his wife Galeazzo Maria, Bianca, were brought to unknown destinations. Borromeo wanted to change the architecture of the cathedral to give it a new renaissance appearance. He therefore appointed the chief engineer Pellegrino Pellegrini to do a quick revision of the architect.

  • 17th century - During the 17th century, there was a fascinating revolution in the architecture of the cathedral that gave rise to construction of two middle windows and five portals. The cathedral adopted the gothic architecture, preserving the already completed elements within the two enormous belfries and large Gothic pilasters. Later in the year 1762, the Madonnina's spire was erected at the humongous height of 108.5 m.

  • Completion - After Napoleon Bonaparte, was crowned as the king of Italy, all the expenses of the face fell into the French treasures. Although he never paid for the construction, the completion was completed in that year. After this, Napoleon was crowned as the king of Italy at the Dummo.

Plan Your Visit to Duomo Milan

Essential Information
How to Reach
Best Time to Visit
Know Before You Go

Opening Hours Open every day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Address Duomo Square, 18 - 20122 Milano (MI)

  • By Metro: Travel on metro routes M1 or M3 to reach Montenapoleone station. Duomo Milan is a one-minute walk from the station.

  • By Bus: You can board on bus numbers 57, 58, 60, 73, or 79 to get to Duomo Milan.

  • By Taxi: Alternatively, if you want to reach Duomo Milan you can hail a local taxi from any point in the city.

  • By Car: You can reach Duomo Milan in a car in under 15 minutes. However, we recommend choosing public transport because finding parking near the cathedral can be tough.

  • Early in the morning - Visit the Duomo Milan during the early morning hours to avoid the usual hustle and bustle. This is one of the finest times to explore this attraction without having to wait in long queues.

  • At night - Another good time to explore Duomo Milan is at night, wherein you will get to admire the gothic interiors and stained glass more from up close. At around 11pm, where the city of Mila falls quite, one can truly marvel at the beauty of Italy.

  • During Christmas time - Explore the Duomo Milan during the Christmas festivities, which make it a great place to visit. The piazza tales up another face during the holidays, with decorations that will add stars to our vacation itinerary.

  • At sunset time on the terraces - If you are looking forward to admiring the quaint ambiance of the Duomo Milan, then visit this exquisite attraction at sunset times. During this time, the Duomo Milan looks the most ethereal.

  • Times to avoid - Avoid visiting the cathedral during weekends especially Sunday. The cathedral receives a huge crowd during this time and therefore it's best to avoid it.

  • Look for a duomo milan ticket to learn about eccentric architecture of one of most iconic landmarks across Milan. The cathedral dates back to 1396, where Napoleon was crowned as the king of Italy. The cathedral underwent a wide variety of refurbishments to give away the gothic and renaissance structure we see today.

  • Some of the most exemplary highlights that you will discover in your tour of the cathedral Milan including the 225-rank pipe-organ, Saint Bartholomew Flayed statue, Archbishop Alberto da Intimiano’s sarcophagus and the ‘Medeghino’ monument by Leone Leoni. The cathedral is inspired from the best of Romanticism, Gothic, Gothic Revival, ‘Perpendicular with Flamboyant.


Why is the Duomo in Milan important?

The Milan Duomo is an iconic landmark in Italy which is inspired by the best of architecture from the different periods of Romanticism, Gothic, Gothic Revival, ‘Perpendicular with Flamboyant. The cathedral is where Napoleon was crowned as the king of Italy. It also houses some of the most significant highlights such as the 225-rank pipe-organ, Saint Bartholomew Flayed statue, Archbishop Alberto da Intimiano’s sarcophagus and the ‘Medeghino’ monument by Leone Leoni.

How long do you need for Duomo Milan?

You need at least one hour to explore the entire cathedral of Milan duomo. The cathedral has vivid architecture, with a rooftop and treasures inspired from Gothic masterpieces that are a must watch. Visit the Duomo museum, and marvel over the wide range of exhibits as well.

Do you need to book Duomo Milan Tickets in advance?

In order to guarantee your place for the selected date and time window, it is advisable to purchase Dublin Castle tickets in advance. You can also benefit from discounts and special deals when you purchase these tickets online, in addition to a host of additional benefits including fast confirmation, flexible cancellation policies, skip-the-line access, expert tour guides, and top-notch customer service.

How can you book tickets for Duomo Milan online?

You can book the Duomo Milan ticket online from us which can save the hassle of standing in long queues. You can visit our official website and book a duomo milan ticket to enjoy amazing inclusions and discounts.

Is there a dress code for Duomo Milan?

No, there is no particular dress code in Duomo Milan but tourists are advised to wear decent clothing and respect the cultures and traditions.

Is Duomo di Milan wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Duomo di Milan is wheelchair accessible. Although, certain cobblestone pathways may need harder navigation.


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